When to Get an Endoscopy

When to Get an Endoscopy

At Digestive Medicine Associates, we can provide an endoscopy in Hialeah, Coral Gables, Miami, and Pembroke Pines, FL, for residents experiencing a variety of different pain types. But when do you need this type of diagnostic care? The following examples are all times when this type of care may be an essential tool for figuring out what is affecting your digestive process.

Extreme and Unexplained Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is a common problem that may come and go. Some individuals may just be experiencing gas that will go away as it passes. However, persistent and unexplained abdominal pain (especially if it is very severe) might be a serious concern. An endoscopic process can identify what may be happening inside of your stomach, including potential lesions or polyps that may affect you.

Heartburn or Chest Pain That Won't Go Away

Do you suffer from high levels of heartburn or chest pain that can stagger you with its intensity? You might need to work with a digestive professional to see what is wrong. There's a possible chance that you might be experiencing acid reflux or other problems and may need an endoscopic examination. Your doctor will help you understand whether this diagnosis process is proper for you.

Blood In The Stool

When you have blood in your stool, you could be experiencing symptoms of many conditions. The most serious of these is intestinal cancer and is something that has to be managed ASAP. Thankfully, an endoscopy in Hialeah, Coral Gables, Miami, and Pembroke Pines, FL, can help to identify what is happening here. In most cases, cancer is not the problem, but knowing for certain is important.

Bowel Changes

When you experience diarrhea or constipation, it may just be due to something you ate. However, chronic issues with these problems may be the result of something more severe with your bowels. Endoscopic examination may help identify the extent of these problems, give you a better idea of your digestion help, and provide treatment options that work for your needs.

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